Subsided some debate whether a woman to drive a car. Life proved once again that if a woman wants something, she will achieve this. Now the voice of the people switched to pregnant women, who for some reason was burning a hole all 9 months in bed and feeling adventurous. And even for driving your own car. Really need to drive in pregnant women appears not from fads, and from the need to avoid public transport. In large Metropolitan areas during rush hour it is impossible to push either the subway or the bus. No one will look at you with a belly or without. For a few conscious citizens are the same procitala a pregnant woman a whole sermon about where her place.
So, rule number one: if your doctor don't mind that you drove the vehicle in position, drive the health. And here's rule number two: behind the wheel, you can sit in good health. There are absolute contraindications to driving during pregnancy: morning sickness in the later period, multiple pregnancy, cardio-vascular insufficiency, threatened abortion, bleeding, dizziness. But otherwise you can drive right up to the birth, but observing the rules of personal safety.
Immediately meticulously assess your car. If before pregnancy you famously drove the "mechanics", now we need to switch to "automatic". Thereby relieve the back and legs will relieve the swelling. The machine must be air-conditioned or climate-controlled. Second, of course, preferable. The vehicle must be technically sound, completed. For emergency situations always have on hand the phone numbers of the tow truck, cab and service center. Suddenly break down even new cars.
In the later stages, when the stomach is already large, is fastened by means of a special adapter. Special pad on the seat belt to the security takes him down and secures under the belly. If the strap passes through the stomach in case of sudden braking and belt tension you run the risk of injury.
In the car you should lie a special bag with things you might need on the road. First and foremost, always carry the documents to the hospital: passport, card exchange, insurance policy. In the package put a bottle of clean drinking water, light non-perishable snacks (cookies, apples), wet wipes. Completely not superfluous will be and road toilet – special sealed package with an absorbent substance. In an extreme case, fit and absorbent diaper large size.
What if while driving you feel bad – a sharp pain, dizziness, nausea. Immediately turn on the emergency signal and start slowly to stop. If you were driving in the right lane, try to drive up to the curb and stop. If at this moment you are in the left lane, slow down, as close to the dividing fence, or the markup, the alarm does not turn off. Open the window or the door, but the car does not come out. If your condition does not improve, ask for help. Wave your hand out the window, honk. Sure someone will stop and help you to overtake the car in a safe place and call ambulance.