Before you start building, you should select the location on the site. It should be a smooth area, not in low lying areas of the site. You need to consider what material will be shed. This depends largely on the type of the future Foundation.
Normally the barn doing frame and panel Board. This structure refers to a light, so pier Foundation would be justified. It can be build with several kinds of material – from blocks, flood asbestotsementnyh pillars of brick.
The most simple and reliable variant– a pier Foundation for a shed. If you have a small block size 20Х20х40, then you will be able to move himself. If they in 2-3 times more, you will need a car with a crane, only this technique can move the weight. Therefore, the optimal for the barn will be cinder blocks 20Х20х40.
Please make the layout area. At the corners of the future structure of the hammer 4 Cola. Tie a rope to them along the perimeter and diagonals. Now we need to note the location of the poles of the blocks. They have to stand in the corners, under the door jamb on both sides and under the outer and inner walls every 2 meters.
Remove from these places the layer of soil to a depth of 20 cm Pour holes formed inside the gravel layer, 7-10 cm, pour it with water and tamp with feet or with the help of logs. On the rocks, pour a layer of sand of the same height. It also needs to be moistened and compacted.
You can now install the blocks. At the corners put 2 and 2 next two on top, to get the support of the four pieces. Under the walls is enough to put 2 units – one on one. Between them bind them with a solution made from water, 1 part of cement and 4 of sand. If the shed is lightweight, the blocks can go in one row.
They put pieces of roofing material. You can now install a horizontal row of lumber, to make him a harness and start building.
The second version of the Foundation under the barn – filling the posts. Or the Foundation to make for the barn. This will require a drill, cement, rebar, asbestosattorney pipe with a diameter of 15-25 cm, gravel and sand.
The markup is the same as in the previous case. Using drill the hole the desired diameter and depth. Then poured a layer of gravel and sand. If the poles will be reinforced, install and link between iron bars, then pour the concrete. When it hardens, you can begin construction.
The Foundation for the barn