Any outbuildings should have a good Foundation, even if it is a wooden frame structure. That Foundation served for many years, and the structure did not succumb to moisture and is not destroyed under the pressure of the groundwater and other natural factors, it needs to be made of quality and durable material. Best option for farm building – the Foundation is a solid concrete slab.

Surface preparation for all Foundation

Work on the construction of the Foundation typically begins with the layout of the site. After you have all the necessary measurements (length and width), it is necessary to make so-called pillow, which soon will show off a flat and smooth concrete slab. In order to do it, should be removed from the surface of the earth approximately two feet of turf, then dig a hole. How deep will the hole depends on the strength of the structure.

At the bottom of the excavated deepening need to fill sandy gravel. However, for these purposes you can use a simple ground. If in the preparation of cushions you decide to use soil from the infield, it should be carefully sifted to get rid of roots of plants-weeds.

The next thing to do is to carefully stamp the bottom of the excavated hollows, and then to fill the resulting surface with a layer of gravel and spread it over its entire area.

Formwork and reinforcement

Formwork is a kind of box made of boards. Designed this simple but important building to give and maintain the correct shape of the Foundation. The greater height of the formwork, the thicker and more massive will be the Foundation. Inside the formwork should be laid a grid of rebar. This material significantly increases the strength of the Foundation, making it solid.

The grouting

The grouting is the final stage of works on construction of the Foundation. I must say that one cubic meter of concrete mix enough to fill about ten square meters of the plate.

Ideally, for the preparation of concrete mix you need to use the mixer. If there is none, you can do it manually.
The proportion of high-quality mixture (per cubic metre) is as follows: six parts gravel, three parts sand and one part cement. Pour concrete into the formwork need until then, until it is completely cover the reinforcement mesh.