You will need
  • - 0.5 kg of rose petals;
  • - 1 kg of honey;
  • - juice of 1 lemon;
  • - 1 Cup of water
Surprisingly, in ancient times sugar was indeed a great luxury, but the honey was considered a affordable product. It was eaten very many, diluted with water, based on it was made of different drinks such as sbiten, and brew. Today the situation has changed radically. Honey in modern life is a valuable healing product. Perhaps only a few people out of hundreds are prepared on the basis of his homemade drinks, what can we say about the jam... Honey jam into our days – a rarity.
Jam on your honey compares favorably with its sugar counterpart a number of properties, and above all, taste and aroma. In addition, such a product is more nutritious, rich in variety of nutrients, has healing properties. In the old days honey jam was made mostly of wild berries, which each have plenty to gain in the nearby woods. The preparation of this wonderful jam is a little different from the usual. Instead of sugar use honey – that's the whole secret.
If you decide to try to make honey jam, you should only use honey light varieties, for example, lime. You will be pleasantly surprised, because the berries boiled in honey become more brilliant color, while retaining its original appearance and juiciness. If you use a dark honey, the berries can be transmitted too its rich aroma, they may lose their true taste. That's really what precisely don't need to worry when cooking honey jam, it's about the shelf life. The fact that this wonderful product can do not spoil during the indefinitely long period of time.
Recipes, honey jam, there are many, but perhaps one of the most exquisite of these treats is jam from rose petals. The main thing – to stock up on plenty of petals. They must finely cut, it is convenient to use a blender because the petals are very delicate and you can easily grind them up. After that, take half of the required amount of honey (it depends on the amount of petals), join the fragrant ground and steep the mixture for two days.
The remaining honey use it to make syrup. Add to his already soaked petals and a small amount of lemon juice. All of these need to patiently cook on small heat until until your delicious jam thickens. Now the fragrant delicacy should be placed in beautiful jars and tightly close them with lids.