You will need
    • honey (500 g);
    • water (2 cups);
    • hops (10 g);
    • Linden blossom (15 g);
    • vodka (2-3 tablespoons);
    • yeast.
Put 500 g of honey in a small metal saucepan, pour in a small amount of water and stir. Pour the honey, boiling water, put on fire and simmer for an hour. Water in the amount you should get two glasses.
After an hour, remove the pan from the heat and allow the solution to cool. Just don't put it to the fridge, need to cool at room temperature. The best thing you can do is put a pot of honey on the windowsill.
Take the yeast and dissolve them in sugar water in about an hour start to stand out the bubbles - it will mean that the yeast is ready. When the honey has cooled, add the prepared solution, mix well, cover with a tea towel and leave on for three to four days.
When the honey rises, add to it 3-4 tablespoons of vodka and put the hops and lime color. Let steep for another three days.
After three days strain the drink with a cheesecloth and leave to ferment for a few days.
Pour the honey in wooden barrel and put in a cold place for four or five months. After four or five months, the drink is ready for consumption. Mead can be used as intoxicating drink, and can be used to treat colds and other diseases.