You will need
    • rhubarb
    • water
    • sugar
    • cinnamon
    • lemon zest
    • cherry leaves
If you are going to cook a dessert of rhubarb, remember that it does not fit iron cookware. Before cutting the stalks, wash in cold water, dried and removed the covering fibrous strands.
Method 1

Take 1 kg rhubarb stalks, 1 l of water, 1.5 kg of sugar and a piece of cinnamon. Wash the petioles spring collection and remove the skins. Cut into pieces 1 cm long and place in boiling water and then cool, spilling cold water. When the water has drained, pour the hot sugar plant syrup. Simmer 3-4 hours by way of multiple cooking. Just before serving, add cinnamon.
Method 2

Pounds sliced stalks of rhubarb pour half of sugar. Leave for 8-10 hours, so the product has singled out the juice, and the sugar is dissolved. Drain syrup, bring to a boil and, stirring, dissolve in it the rest of the sugar.
When the syrup comes to a boil again, place the rhubarb. Bring the mass to boil and leave. After an hour, bring to boil again and simmer for five minutes on low heat. Add the jam, orange or lemon zest to enhance the flavor of the jam. Then immediately pour the jam into sterile jars, roll up, then put the jars upside down until cool.
Method 3

Take 1 kg rhubarb, 1 kg of sugar, 200 ml water, 100 g cherry leaves. Wash the young rhubarb stalks and cut into pieces of such length, which is equal to the width of petioles. Cook syrup from sugar and Cup of water, adding 50 g of leaves of cherry.
When the sugar has dissolved completely, remove the cherry leaves and pour the boiling syrup slices of rhubarb. Cool the mass, add the remaining 50 g of fresh cherry leaves, heat to a boil and simmer until the syrup becomes thick and transparent stalks. Raspakujte the hot jam into sterile jars, roll up.