Decide what purpose you want to get American visa. There are 24 type of visa. If you have no plans to get US citizenship, apply for one of the nonimmigrant visas. If you fly to America for work should apply for open work visa. Guest visa is issued to those who have relatives in the country of entry.
Pay the visa fee of $ 140 USD one way: credit card, Bank or through the post office. It should be noted that the fee is not refundable if the Embassy refused the visa. Payment is made in rubles.
Complete the page in the Internet ( a special form DS-160, where you specify the necessary information about yourself and upload a photo. All the answers are written in English. After confirming the data you entered, the screen will display the number of the barcode. Print it and save it. Bar code you will need when you go to the Embassy to make an appointment.
Sign up on the website For interview will need to enter the numbers of the three documents: passport, receipt of payment of consular fee and a barcode confirmation page of DS-160 form. After that, you will designate the date and time of the interview.
Prepare all the documents you need to bring to the interview. You will need: passport, one photograph size 5 5 cm, printed invitation for an interview, the page number DS-160 application. If you have an old passport, they too will need to take with you.
Take to the interview supporting documents: proof of income, proof of marriage etc. These papers give the Embassy workers. The American "immigration and citizenship" requires them to consider you as a potential immigrant.
Have an interview at the U.S. Embassy. If a decision on issuing visa will be positive, you will put it in the passport.