To get a guest visa in USA, first of all you need an invitation from someone you know. This paper is made by hand, in any form, to assure a notary is not necessary. The invitation must indicate who invites (the name of a citizen of the United States and its address, telephone number) applicant (name, date of birth), when and at what time. Also indicates what this trip (and medical insurance) is funded and will be invited. This invitation can be sent by post or via the Internet or Fax.
After you receive the invitation, you will need to fill in a questionnaire. Samples of the questionnaire and examples for its completion can be found on the website of the Embassy of the United States or from companies that provide brokerage services (this will cost you more).
To complete the questionnaire in Russia it is possible to use a "Pony Express" (it has branches in many regional centers of Russia). You are there and get a clean form. Fill it in Russian and give it to the operator, which will correctly translate it into English and submit it in the database on the website of the Embassy. After that, you will need to pay for visaservices "Pony Express" and hand over your passport and photos. You will receive checks and find out the date and time of the interview at the Consulate.
The validity of your passport should be not less than six months from the date when you are going to enter in USA. Photo requirements are as follows. Size 5x5 cm, the person takes half of the photo area, you look directly into the camera, not the ears.
While you are waiting for the interview, gather as many documents as possible. They may not always be useful, but it's better if you can in case you need to show. Need help with place of work, which indicates your job title, seniority (how long you work), and monthly income. It is better if you will indicate your actual income. A good service can do a booklet of the company in which you work. It would be nice to have an old passport that have stamps of previous travel to USA or other countries. Take photocopies of marriage certificate, birth certificates of children, documents of property ownership. In addition to the copies you have with you must be originals. Also do not forget about your Bank account in the Bank. But remember to give it all the consular officer need only if he has the desire to see any paper.
In the interview, behave modestly and quietly, respond sincerely and in Russian. Very good knowledge of English language can cause unnecessary questions and doubts.
If your conversation with the Consulate officer is successful, you will be asked what kind of visa you want – for one year or two (for a two-year visa , should pay extra). Then you take fingerprints and will offer to wait for a call with a message when to come to pick up your passport stamped with a visa.
In addition, for a visa should apply a month or two before the trip, and it would be better if this date does not coincide with the peak holiday season. In General, if your invitation is not fake, and you are not going to go to the States to there illegally to gain a foothold, don't be afraid that you will refuse the visa. Nobody is going to create artificial obstacles to visit this country.