Milk is produced in the milky glands of the females of all mammals. However, people often consumed cow's and goat's milk. In smaller quantities – elk, deer, camel and Mare's.Whole milk is natural, part of which was not subjected to any changes. Ie, that milk that does not pass through the separator to reduce its fat content, while maintaining the natural fat product. For this reason, he did not remove the water.In contrast to solid, reconstituted milk is produced by cultivation of dry powder.Currently, the word "milk" is called the whole product. When this mass fraction of protein in it should be at least 2.8% fat content of 2.6-6.0 per cent. All additives must not be present.Even in the case of adding a small amount of dry powder milk automatically becomes a "milk drink".Fresh milk, i.e., milk obtained right after milking mammals, is a natural whole product.In the production of whole milk powder undergoes heat treatment in order to preserve the quality and freshness of the product. Apply methods such as pasteurization, sterilization, freezing and refrigeration.During cooling the temperature of the milk is reduced to 2-10 degrees, thus discouraging growth of bacteria within a few days.When freezing whole milk: crystallization contained in the water, redistribution of moisture between components of the product and the increase in the concentration of substances dissolved in the liquid phase. It is important that the freezing process was happening fast enough.Pasteurization allows milk to destroy pathogens and inactivate enzymes. Thus, not only increases the shelf life of the product, but also eliminates the possibility of human infection, if the milk is obtained from an infected animal.Sterilization of whole milk is carried out under high pressure and temperatures over 120 degrees for 15-20 minutes. The result is longer duration of milk storage.