Advice 1: How to replace milk in baking

A number of people often are allergic to dairy products, so milk replacement in baking food products for them is more than relevant question. Bakery production allows for such replacement, provided that the new product will have chemically similar to the replaced ingredient. So what products are suitable to replace milk in baking?
How to replace milk in baking
Dairy products and milk is an important source of substances vitally needed by the human body. It contains protein, fat, calcium and phosphorus in easily digestible form, as well as vitamins A, B2 and D. Due to its composition, milk compensates for the energy consumption of the body, strengthen bones, teeth, nails and hair and also heals the intestines and improve digestion with helpful lactobacilli, restoring the intestinal microflora.
People who are not lactose-intolerant, forced to abandon the use baking in pies, cakes and cookies in the manufacture of which milk is used. In this case, they should purchase the baked goods, which includes soy analogues of dairy products – like soy milk, soy yogurt or soy cheese, which are in no way inferior to the classic dairy products. So, the soy milk, which is a white creamy drink with a pleasant taste and odor, ideal to replace cow's milk in baking.
Whole fresh milk for baking you can easily substitute rice, potato, rastitelnym, coconut, hazelnut milk, and even water (if it is allowed by the recipe). It also allowed the replacement of whole dry milk, whole condensed milk with sugar, skimmed milk, condensed or dry whey. Well suited to replace conventional yogurt, low-fat cream or butter
If desired, conventional milk you can substitute almond milk, prepared at home. For its production you will need one Cup raw almonds, ½ teaspoon of sea salt, three cups of boiled water and gauze. Peeled almonds should be soaked overnight in sufficient water with sea salt in the morning rinse it and grind it in a blender, add three cups of water. The resulting mixture should be filtered through gauze to clean off the fibers and put in the refrigerator. Ready almond milk can be used for baking immediately or to use as needed, storing it in the refrigerator.
When replacing milk and other products are selected so that the product has not lost its flavor and nutritional value.
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For fresh milk for baking, you need to avoid products which contain fragrances, preservatives and other additives.

Advice 2: What is reconstituted milk

Reconstituted milk is a powdered milk dissolved in water. It is widely used in the production of yogurts, sour cream and other products. Such milk can not be called useful, because it contains substances that cause atherosclerosis.
What is reconstituted milk
Reconstituted milk is milk to which was added water. After a few hours it is completely dissolved, and the resulting milk is filtered and packaged for sale.
Milk powder is obtained by drying the usual cow's milk. First, normalize the milk, then pasteurized and concentrated. After that condensed milk comes in a special dryer where it dries to a powder at a temperature of about 170 degrees.
During the high temperature drying in milk powder are formed of bioactive substances - oxysterol. They represent derivatives of cholesterol and can provoke the development of atherosclerosis. "Normal" oxysterol quite normal for the human body. But when drying milk formed atypical oxysterol, which play a key role in the occurrence of atherosclerosis.
That is why now in some countries reconstituted milk is prohibited for sale. Russia has a law prohibiting producers to call their products milk if they contain more than one percent of the dry milk mixture. Such products should be called "milk drink".
In other milk products reconstituted milk is used more actively. It is used in the manufacture of sour cream, yogurt, etc. This can significantly reduce the cost of production.
Producers warn that dry or cooked from it reconstituted milk in its qualities is no different from ordinary milk. But during heat treatment of milk not only changes the taste - it not only destroys nutrition, enzymes, beneficial microflora is destroyed.
Dry and reconstituted milk have one indisputable advantage - when exposed to high temperature they killed not only the microflora but also pathogenic bacteria. So powdered milk has a long shelf life. However, the heat treatment destroyed not all harmful microorganisms. In reconstituted milk, these bacteria begin to multiply again - sometimes it is enough to stand for several hours at room temperature.
The use of reconstituted milk, domestic producers account for seasonal fluctuations in the dairy industry. Milk enterprise comes not all the year round - the vast majority are produced in summer and autumn. Therefore, manufacturers may not completely abandon the use of powdered and reconstituted milk.

Advice 3: How can I replace the cream in recipes

If you decided to experiment in the culinary field and you need a replacement for cream, must look for it based on the initial composition of the meals. Have a little cream counterparts, but if you know in what proportions they are to be replaced with sour cream or milk, you can cook a dish no worse than in the original recipe.
How can I replace the cream in recipes
Cream is the top supernatant layer of milk. Even the most heavy cream is a liquid. Air they become, thanks to the whipping. But not all recipes call for whipped cream.

Dishes with cream

First and foremost, the cream used to prepare a variety of desserts. It can be cakes, pies, cheese pie and just as sweet pulp of berries and dairy products. In this case, whipped cream

Besides replacing the cream can be used in recipes for sauces that are added in salads and in meat dishes. In such recipes the cream is boiled with spices.

Replacement for savory dishes

The easiest way to take milk instead of cream. This option would be good, for example, in the recipe of the sauce "Bechamel". You need to melt 50 g of butter, pour into it the same amount of flour and fry it to a walnut shade.

Then small portions enter 1 liter of milk, carefully stirring the sauce. Boil the mixture on low heat for 5 minutes (to thickens and add a pinch of salt, nutmeg and black pepper, and 2 tsp sugar. The composition of the drain, then put back on the heat and bring to the boil and add 50 g of butter. This sauce can be added to potatoes or meat.

If you add the "Bechamel" more sugar (3/4 Cup), and finally add 5 beaten egg yolks, then it can be used for desserts. In addition, for the preparation of thick sauces often taken fat sour cream instead of cream, and kefir, fermented baked milk or unsweetened yogurt. These same ingredients can be put in the dough.

Replacement for desserts

Cakes and cream always look appetizing. When we have no cream, you can apply other components. If done correctly, the dessert will taste as good as in the original recipe.

You must know that sour cream instead of cream can kiliti. To avoid this, you need to choose home fat fermented milk product with a strong oil taste. In addition, in the whipped cream you want to put more sugar.

You can substitute the cream with condensed milk. It is perfectly whipped and looks at the desserts not worse. Only this product is better to acidify with lemon juice, so the taste was not cloying. 2.5 tbsp of condensed milk, you need 1 tsp of lemon juice.

Open for recipes of desserts such as soufflés, you can take milk instead of cream, mixed with the oily stained cream cheese and powdered sugar. 500 g of cottage cheese takes no more than 100 ml of milk and 200 g sugar. For thickening you can use gelatin (20 g per Cup of water).
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