Dairy products and milk is an important source of substances vitally needed by the human body. It contains protein, fat, calcium and phosphorus in easily digestible form, as well as vitamins A, B2 and D. Due to its composition, milk compensates for the energy consumption of the body, strengthen bones, teeth, nails and hair and also heals the intestines and improve digestion with helpful lactobacilli, restoring the intestinal microflora.
People who are not lactose-intolerant, forced to abandon the use baking in pies, cakes and cookies in the manufacture of which milk is used. In this case, they should purchase the baked goods, which includes soy analogues of dairy products – like soy milk, soy yogurt or soy cheese, which are in no way inferior to the classic dairy products. So, the soy milk, which is a white creamy drink with a pleasant taste and odor, ideal to replace cow's milk in baking.
Whole fresh milk for baking you can easily substitute rice, potato, rastitelnym, coconut, hazelnut milk, and even water (if it is allowed by the recipe). It also allowed the replacement of whole dry milk, whole condensed milk with sugar, skimmed milk, condensed or dry whey. Well suited to replace conventional yogurt, low-fat cream or butter
If desired, conventional milk you can substitute almond milk, prepared at home. For its production you will need one Cup raw almonds, ½ teaspoon of sea salt, three cups of boiled water and gauze. Peeled almonds should be soaked overnight in sufficient water with sea salt in the morning rinse it and grind it in a blender, add three cups of water. The resulting mixture should be filtered through gauze to clean off the fibers and put in the refrigerator. Ready almond milk can be used for baking immediately or to use as needed, storing it in the refrigerator.