What are the consequences of tongue-tie

The sublingual frenulum is the thin membrane that connects the tongue with the lower jaw. Sometimes this membrane is not of sufficient length, what limits the mobility of the language, in this case talking about ankyloglossia a short bridle of language. In this anomaly, the child is not able to stick out his tongue - he bent to the lower lip or acquires the shape of a heart.

Short lingual frenulum may cause problems with a newborn sucking its mother's breast, because the membrane prevents the child tightly embrace mother's nipple. This kid will not be able to eat normally breast milk will not gain weight and often capricious. Short frenulum impedes the movement of the tongue in the oral cavity. The child is hard to get your tongue and touch it to the upper palate, he can't stick his tongue out of his mouth. This can further result in various defects of speech, for example, to the so-called seilebost. Shortened sublingual frenulum can also contribute to the formation of the child's malocclusion and shifting of the dentition.

Doctors still can not give an exact cause of this anomaly, but I have noted that the defect most often inherited.

To recognize the problem and solve it immediately maybe the neonatologists in the hospital in the first days of a child's life. If the defect is not too strong, the expert may defer the issue of pruning for some time that the lore might be a little stretch and bounce back.

If parents begin to notice that the baby is not breastfeeding and is constantly cranky, eats not, you should contact the surgeon or the dentist.

If your child is already big and you suspect that he has a defect, do the following: ask them to lift the tongue and touch it to the upper palate. If he can do this without difficulty, then all right. But if it will cause difficulty, and you see that the ear is greatly stretched and does not give up the language up, then your baby is still a short sublingual frenulum.

How and when to cut the bridle

To cut the bridle is best at an early age, to a year. It is extremely simple and virtually painless procedure. It is carried out either in the surgical Department of the polyclinic at the place of residence or in the dental clinic. In infancy the operation is performed without anesthesia, special scissors and stop the bleeding will help the mother's milk. The procedure will take 5-10 minutes. At a later age plastic frenulum is done under local anesthesia, if necessary, sutured. In older age this procedure can also be performed with a laser with the application of anesthetic gel. In any case, the undercutting of the frenulum does not cause any complications and the sooner you conduct this procedure, the better for your baby.