You will need
  • - consultation of the pediatrician;
  • - a visit to the dentist.
Shortened tongue-tie is a congenital anomaly of development. It is expressed in the wrong in comparison with the normal fixation of the language. The fact that the frenulum is too short, should identify a pediatrician during examination of the child at an early age. It can point out some careful mothers in this pathology, the kid is not very good at sucking breast, worried during feedings, maybe to cry or to throw back his head, and sucking takes place with a characteristic makaniem.
If at an early age, the frenulum is not cut in the future, it is likely to cause abnormal development of speech, spoil the child bite. Sucking short frenulum may not always interfere, but later, when the child begins to speak, exhibit all the inconvenience that entails this disease. Slurred speech, incorrect pronunciation of sounds – if you experience such problems you should immediately contact the orthodontist or the speech therapist. Specialists will probably advise you to make a plastic bridle at the dentist.
Cut the kid a bridle is best before he turns a year. The mucosa at this age is so tender and thin that not even a scar is formed. The procedure is simple and almost always passes without any complications. Very young children it is performed under local anaesthetic spray, the doctor sprays under the tongue, and then holds the cut frenulum. Sometimes even anesthesia is not used. Inspection of the incision is made in a quarter of an hour, after which parents can take the baby home. Mother's milk is a good styptic, so after the procedure can give the baby the breast.
In the older child acquires a bridle nerve endings and blood vessels, and therefore, the correction is performed under anesthesia, followed by stitching. If the child is quiet, the bridle can be cut under local anesthesia. Procedure complications does not, the sutures will dissolve within 5-7 days.