You will need
  • a large mirror;
  • - tutorial of the game;
  • - the metronome.
Gather a collection of videos of professional pianists at concerts and contests. Must be the samples, which show the landing tool and the hand movements. Take a few days to view the video to see how you play different people, to highlight General behavior.
Try to copy the correct fit for the instrument and the setting of the hands. Do not skip this step and do not treat it carelessly. Put in the room a large mirror to see yourself with the tool upright. Don't get me started pressing the keys, so that the hands are not used to the wrong movements. Please note, even if you have a bearing on whether the height is the chair. Again view the video to correct certain moments.
Drop the keys at the same time two hands, but do not remove the sound. Change the distance between the hands playing across the keyboard. Look in the mirror, how to move hands, what happens to the brushes. Without a teacher to achieve flawless setting of the hands is impossible, but independent studies and do not imply this level. On the other hand, is absolutely wrong the game will lead to muscle pain and will hinder the improvement of skills. So how can I copy the movement of professional pianists, some times watching video and watching the reflection in the mirror.
Find music book for beginner pianists, even if you are not familiar with the musical instrument. This gap will gradually resolve.
Learn the basics of musical notation by the example of the first exercise of the book. Well, if you figure it out yourself how to read sheet music. In any case, find someone who will check whether you understood correctly.
Try exercise at least 100 times. This will take two or three days. By the end of the third day will be able to confidently play the song by heart, and notes. It will be easy, but don't be lazy, even if it seems that everything is obtained after 15 iterations — play 100 times - this is the secret of success.
Repeat the fourth and fifth steps for the following exercises, gradually increasing the level of knowledge and skills. After a few months I'll be able to impress friends.