Before you go down into the subway, you need to decide exactly where you need to get. In most cases, you need to know the name of the station. The metro map you can find on the Internet, just before the entrance to the subway, and you can install a special application on the smartphone.
If you're standing in front of the entrance to the subway and can't use a smartphone or computer, don't worry. A large diagram in the subway you will always find the mark that shows exactly where you are. Next you need to find the desired station and see the scheme how to reach her. All metro lines marked with different colors that makes it easier to navigate around the map. Let's see, what line are you, and what line is your destination, locate the place of their intersection. In some cases you will need one or two connections. Remember the names of the corresponding stations.
To go down into the subway, you must buy a card for travel. This can be done at the cashier or in vending machines. If you are going to use the metro only once, you can buy a card for one or two trips to the checkout, if your plans include regular use of transport, use a gun and purchase a reloadable card "Troika" in the future you will be able to top it up with card or cash through the same machines.
To pass through the turnstiles, you have to press the map to a noticeable bright mark on them and pass on the left. After that you can go directly to the platform to the trains. On shallow stations, it will have to do the stairs to normal, and deep serves for this purpose escalator. It is necessary to stand to the right, leaving the left passage for hurrying passengers.
Once on the platform, don't freeze, all near the exit from the escalator, you hinder the movement of other people. To navigate the metro is quite simple, opposite to each platform is an information Board showing all stations, which can hence be reached. There are all hubs, among which the need to find the one you need.
Don't be afraid to pass his station, in the loud subway trains announce the next station, so you listen to such ads. Having reached the transfer station, exit the train and pay attention to information boards located above the platform, there is most often specified, which side is the desired transition. Quite often, a transplant from the station to the station through the stairs in the center of the platform.
Going to another station, again, examine the boards in front of the platforms to go in the right direction. If you have passed a station, do not worry, exit the train, cross the platform and go back.