The beneficial properties of Chinese cabbage still remain unknown for the Russians. Meanwhile, it contains huge amount of vitamins, protein, vitamin C. it is possible to prepare not only salads, but also soups, cabbage rolls, sourdough.
In order to slice cabbage for salads, take the head, a bowl, a sharp knife. Chop off the bottom of the head, remove the cabbage leaves, upper leaves discard.
In a bowl pour cold water. Rinse the leaves in cool water and dip it in the bowl for a few minutes. Thus you will keep their shape and juiciness. Remove the leaves from the water, shake it, dry on paper towels.
Put a few leaves on top of one another and with a knife chop them on a Board with thin stripes. Like usual shredding cabbage, can be a little wider. Also for salads suitable treatment option Chinese cabbage like lettuce (Romaine or other): tear leaves by hand into pieces about the size of 4X4 cm.
Slicing the cabbage, in any case, don't get rid of the white part of the leaves - it's most juicy in the head and contains the most nutrients.
For pickling Chinese cabbage, use the following method of cutting. Take the cabbage, tear a couple of the upper leaves (soiled and wilted, usually not more than three pages). Cut the cabbage in half, then each half into two parts. So you divide the head into four equal parts. Pieces of such size prokalyvayutsya evenly in cans and barrels.
Salad kimchi originated in Korea, every leaf of salad, pre-prepared (dipped in cold water), cut into a few thin strips along the sheet (with a width of 3-4 cm) and slice. So you get a narrow short strips that are suitable for the preparation of this salad.