Advice 1: How to cut cabbage

Cabbage - popular in Russia substitute for salads and cabbage. A native of China, it has spread worldwide and grown, including in our country.
How to cut cabbage
The beneficial properties of Chinese cabbage still remain unknown for the Russians. Meanwhile, it contains huge amount of vitamins, protein, vitamin C. it is possible to prepare not only salads, but also soups, cabbage rolls, sourdough.
In order to slice cabbage for salads, take the head, a bowl, a sharp knife. Chop off the bottom of the head, remove the cabbage leaves, upper leaves discard.
In a bowl pour cold water. Rinse the leaves in cool water and dip it in the bowl for a few minutes. Thus you will keep their shape and juiciness. Remove the leaves from the water, shake it, dry on paper towels.
Put a few leaves on top of one another and with a knife chop them on a Board with thin stripes. Like usual shredding cabbage, can be a little wider. Also for salads suitable treatment option Chinese cabbage like lettuce (Romaine or other): tear leaves by hand into pieces about the size of 4X4 cm.
Slicing the cabbage, in any case, don't get rid of the white part of the leaves - it's most juicy in the head and contains the most nutrients.
For pickling Chinese cabbage, use the following method of cutting. Take the cabbage, tear a couple of the upper leaves (soiled and wilted, usually not more than three pages). Cut the cabbage in half, then each half into two parts. So you divide the head into four equal parts. Pieces of such size prokalyvayutsya evenly in cans and barrels.
Salad kimchi originated in Korea, every leaf of salad, pre-prepared (dipped in cold water), cut into a few thin strips along the sheet (with a width of 3-4 cm) and slice. So you get a narrow short strips that are suitable for the preparation of this salad.
Taste of Beijing is much softer cabbage.
Useful advice
Use cabbage in dishes in which you take ordinary white and you will be surprised at the transformation.

Advice 2: How to prepare cabbage for stuffed cabbage

Length of cooking cabbage , you can use red or Savoy cabbage, spinach or beets. However, most of the hosts chooses the more familiar white cabbage. Before you wrap in cabbage leaves meat-rice filling, these sheets need to properly prepare. Then they will be firm, but soft, tender and juicy – so, what should be the shell for the real homemade stuffed cabbage.
How to prepare cabbage for stuffed cabbage
You will need
    • cabbage;
    • large saucepan;
    • the colander;
    • microwave or oven;
    • food foil;
    • a sharp knife.
First of all, choose the suitable cabbage. It is best to take Kochan medium size, moderate firmness, slightly frail. With such a head will easily tear off the leaves without damaging them.
Some Housewives prefer to cook the whole forks entirely. However, this requires a very big pot, but there is no guarantee that all sheets are equally soft. Easier to disassemble the cabbage into individual leaves before cooking.
Gently separate leaves from stalks. If they are separated with difficulty, lightly trim them with a knife at the base. Collect juicy, undamaged leaves of the same size.
Pour water to saucepan, bring to the boil. Salt. Dip it in the water cabbage leaves. Sure that they were completely covered with water. Blanch the cabbage for about 3-6 minutes. Sheets ready drain in a colander, allow to drain water, and the leaves completely cool.
You can do otherwise: the prepared sheets wrapped in plastic foil and place in the oven for 5-7 minutes. The advantage of this method is the preservation of the cabbage juice and the flavor of the finished cabbage.
The leaves can be cooked in a microwave oven. Put them on a glass or ceramic bowl and turn on the oven for 3 minutes. The taste is like the taste of cabbage baked in the oven, but the consistency will turn out somewhat different.
And finally, the easiest way. If you do not want to mess with pre-boiling or baking whole cabbage leaves, prepare lazy cabbage rolls. To do this, the raw leaves are cut and mixed with the prepared stuffing. Many of this version of cabbage like it even more classic.
Be careful when blanching and roasting - hot cabbage leaves can be severely burned.
Useful advice
If the finished leaves harsh veins at the base, they can be lightly beat with a meat mallet or cut with a knife. In the end, the sheet will be of uniform thickness and the filling can be wrapped more carefully.

Advice 3: Kimchi from Chinese cabbage: how to cook

This traditional Korean snack is becoming more and more popular because of its unusual taste and beneficial properties. In the process of cooking cabbage is not cooked, retains maximum nutrients and beneficial effects on the digestive system.
Kimchi from Chinese cabbage: how to cook

What to cook

There are many recipes for preparing this dish. As every family in Russia has its own nuances in the recipes of the soups, salad and other traditional dishes, and in each Korean family kimchi is cooked a little differently. But in most cases uses the following ingredients:

- cabbage – 1 PC.;
red hot pepper (fresh) – 1 PC.;
- chili pepper ground – 1 tbsp;
- garlic – 4-5 cloves;
- ginger root – to taste;
- seeds of coriander – 1 tbsp;
- vegetable oil – 1 tbsp;
- salt – to taste.

Some recipes involve the use of fish sauce or shrimp paste for the flavor. As for the red pepper – take always fresh because ready-made red pepper in jars has a completely different flavour.

How to cook

First you need to cut the cabbage lengthwise into four parts. How to salt and tightly put in pan or bowl.
To prepare the brine, you need to dilute three tablespoons of salt per 1,5 l of hot boiled water. Wait until the brine is completely cool, and pour it over the cabbage. Put a lid or inverted plate so that the sheets do not pop up and the cabbage was completely covered with brine. On top of the pot must be covered with newspaper or baking parchment and leave in a warm place for 2 days for pickling.

After 2 days, you can prepare the dressing for the cabbage. First you need to thoroughly wash red pepper, remove seeds. Garlic peel and together with the pepper grind in a blender or grinder. Mix with the chili, add the crushed coriander seeds. Ginger, washed and grated (amount is about 2 cm of root). Add into the mix the pepper, garlic and coriander, season with vegetable oil and a pinch of salt. Mix everything carefully.

The salted cabbage needs to be washed out under running water. Carefully squeeze, cut into small squares or cubes. Add the dressing and mix thoroughly. Place in a plastic container, cover and put back on 2 days in a warm place for fermentation.

The finished dish should be stored in the refrigerator. When serving you can decorate with greens and sesame seeds.

Kimchi – a dish is not only extremely tasty but also healthy. In comparison with fresh NAPA cabbage kimchi contains even more b vitamins and PP. Released during the salting and fermentation of biologically active components beneficial to the bowels and tone the body.
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