How to feed?

A special diet will have to comply with the first day of sickness. The main rule – the food should not injure and irritate the mucous membrane of the mouth, so salty and sour foods will have to be deleted. Better put the baby on pureed food, mucous soups, soft cereals. Because when the time came the production of saliva is disrupted, it is not necessary to give too dry foods that are difficult to chew.

Produced by the canker sores cause a lot of pain, so the child may even refuse to eat, especially when massive lesion of the mucous membrane. Don't force it, and if you fear that your child is very sick will obesely – give it mildly salted broth, unsweetened juice or warm milk, it is better through a straw.

The temperature of the food should be high – give your child warm or cool food. Do not feed often and in large quantities – it is better to reduce the portions and feed on demand. Try nevertheless to do without snacking between meals.

Every time after baby eats, he should rinse your mouth with an antiseptic solution, then the sores to lubricate anti-inflammatory ointment prescribed by a doctor. Drink to the child as much as he wants, but try not to give a drink immediately after treatment, oral drugs, or any drug will immediately be washed away with the mucous membrane.

What to feed?

The diet could include oatmeal in milk or water, soft cheese, boiled or steamed vegetables (you can also offer vegetable purée), and omelets. Preferred soups or cereal soups without big chunks of vegetables, light unsalted broth. Meat and fish is better to give in the form of meat, to cook it, not fry in oil.

The amount of fat in the diet should be restricted, as in stomatitis the ability of the child's body to absorb the fats is a little reduced. Also limit the amount of salt in the dishes and not sabrelite their seasonings.

From drinks suitable weak sweetened tea, milk, broth hips, mineral water without gas. Offer the child milk drinks, but don't insist if he doesn't like – in the acute period of the disease even sour yogurt can irritate the sores on the oral mucosa.

Acidic juices and fruit drinks replace fruit drinks. Sweets - cookies, candy – defer until recovery. Allowed baked apples, mashed non-acidic fruit (apples, bananas, pears).

If the child chose one or two meals and refuses any other food, don't fret – feed your baby what he likes, with the beginning of recovery it will return to normal appetite.