You will need
  • - disinfectant (hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate or soda);
  • - carrot juice, decoction of chamomile, calendula or Hypericum ointment "Vinylinum" to restore the mucosa;
  • - bifidobacteria and laktobakterin to enhance immunity.
If the baby became cranky, whiny, refuses to eat, carefully inspect his mouth. Despite the fact that white patches typical of thrushand are formed after 1-2 days, the tongue, gums, cheeks and lips may be inflamed (bright red). And to avoid disease complications and education on the affected areas of sores, start treatment.
Optimal in the treatment of stomatitisin children is a medical therapy prescribed by the doctor after establishing the exact cause of the disease. In this case, you can achieve quick results and to prevent its transition into the chronic form. However, for infants is to use an effective and safe treatment, so a good option is the use of folk remedies. Besides, they don't have multiple contraindications, the pharmacological characteristic drugs.
If the family still have children, isolate them from the sick child. Stomatitis is well captured, especially given the tendency of kids to learn all tastes, including the overall toy. And in the sick room arrange regular airing and wet cleaning.
If the baby refuses to breast feed him with a spoon expressed milk. During the treatment, stomatitisand it is desirable that it was the main source of necessary child agents. If it is on the artificial feeding give him only liquids, and in both cases, feed on demand (optional). In the absence of such does not insist on eating. However, water and juice let's often, but gradually.
Several times a day, wipe of the oral mucosa, infants, disinfectants – potassium permanganate (by laboratofy), 3% hydrogen peroxide (1 tablespoon to ¼ Cup water), 1% bicarbonate of soda. Wrap your finger with gauze, soak it in one of the available solutions and gently apply on the tongue and cheeks, and then changing the cloth gums and lips. After treatment wipe the baby's mouth or carrot juice, or decoction of chamomile, calendula or Hypericum.
For overall strengthening of the body give your baby diluted with water juices, preparations with bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, on the night of the yogurt (if the child is 8 months or more). All procedures for the restoration of mucosa of the mouth spend at least 2 weeks.
If possible, do not engage solely in self stomatitisand the child and consult a professional – your dentist or pediatrician. They will certainly be able to establish a form of the disease and prescribe appropriate treatment. Of pharmacological drugs are usually prescribed painkillers, for example, "Linkler". For the treatment of oral - ointment "Abrufen", "Acyclovir", "Oksolina", "Bonafton". To restore the epithelial tissue ointment "Vinylinum". Depending on the kind of stomatitisand of its antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial drugs.