Honey has anti-inflammatory, wound healing, antitumor, tonic, sedative and tonic properties. However, this bee product accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissues and increases the body's resistance. In addition, it contains an antibiotic, so the honey is used to resolve the festering and infectious stomatitis: this bee product has fatal effect on microbes.

Peculiarities of treatment of stomatitis with honey

To cure stomatitis, pharyngitis, colds, sore throat, inflammation of gums, vocal cords and throat, it is recommended to take an incomplete in the mouth a teaspoon of honey and sekretoliticheskoe as long as possible to dissolve. Such procedures should be done 4-6 times a day: after a few days the condition will improve dramatically.
Honey is contraindicated in case of Allergy on products of beekeeping.

In addition, in the treatment of stomatitis, you can use the sweet elixir, the recipe of which is:
- 1 tbsp of honey;
- 1 Cup chilled to a comfortable temperature of boiling water.
Honey dissolved in water, and then gaining in the mouth this sugar solution and keep for 4-5 minutes. During the day you should conduct 2-3 such procedures.

And recommend the use of a medicine prepared from such ingredients:
- 1,5-2 tbsp. of dried chamomile blossoms;
- 450-500 ml of water;
- 1-1,5 tsp of honey.
Pharmacy chamomile pour boiling water, after the mixture is put in a water bath and cook for 13-15 minutes. Then the broth is cooled to room temperature, filter and add honey. Prepared drug used in the treatment of stomatitis, gingivitis, tonsillitis, etc. Healing cocktail used for rinsing the oral cavity. This procedure is recommended 3-4 times per day.

To treat stomatitis can be a mixture of the following components:
- 1 tsp of honey;
- 1 ampoule of 0.5% "Novocaine";
- the egg;
- 1 tsp olive oil or sunflower oil.
Protein is whipped into a light foam, then gradually introduce the remaining components and mix thoroughly. Prepared mixture lubricate the areas affected by thrush.
This drug is safe: it can be used even in the treatment of children.

Propolis with stomatitis

Wound healing and has anti-inflammatory and propolis. Prepare a drug of such components:
- 9-10 g of propolis;
- 35-40 ml of 96% alcohol.
Propolis crushed, poured into a glass container and pour the alcohol. The dishes sealed and left for 2 days in a dark cool place occasionally shaking the contents of the bottle. On the third day of the complement solution and 100 ml of warm boiled water and filtered. This drug rinse mouth with stomatitis (if the stomatitis in a child solution can lubricate the oral cavity).