Bouquet of pink roses - the perfect gift for the girl on the first date. The rose in Ancient Greece was considered a symbol of eternity, due to its round shape. Giving a rose on a first date, implies a long-term relationship. Pink color rose symbolizes a new beginning of a relationship, expresses sympathy, gentle emotions and admiration. Bouquet of pink roses suggests that in the future, will ignite the feeling and hit the two lovers in the heart.
If it's the spring, then a bouquet of tulips is well suited for a first date. The Tulip is a symbol of pure love. Closed Tulip according to legend, it is believed that hidden human happiness. Better suited to light, delicate shades of red. The color red on a first date you should not give because it symbolizes passionate love.
Bouquet of lilacs is a wonderful spring gift on a first date. Lilac - a symbol of romance. For a bouquet suitable lilacs of any color but the best color is pink. The language of flowers white lilac means - innocent. Purple lilac symbolizes first love. Pink lilac is a love and acceptance of her feelings.
On a first date so you can give asters. Aster - symbol of love, grace and sophistication. Pink or white asters talking about tenderness and charm. For a first date are better suited Aster pink shades.
Rich and strange is a bouquet of orchids. Orchid - a symbol of harmony, refinement, beauty, feminine charm and love. Orchid is good because a single flower can combine a large range of shades. Giving an Orchid on the first date, you can Express my admiration.
A bouquet of lilies pink shades well suited for a first date. Lily - a symbol of hope, innocence and purity, Majesty and glory.
The most easy and innocent for a first date is a bouquet of white daisies or chrysanthemums, reminiscent of chamomile. Chamomile - a symbol of romance, of youth, of innocence.