The gift of flowers

In favor of this version speaks not only to impress, but elementary good manners. After all, according to the rules of etiquette expected at a scheduled meeting, even a strange lady to present something nice. What's the best fit for this role if tastes, and the man himself is still unknown? Of course, a bouquet of flowers. Do not rely on your own taste in this matter, and it is better to act according to the traditional rules. Roses that are relevant for any scenario. Is embedded in them so many different meanings that it is possible to interpret the appearance of the bouquet in different ways. For example, if the guy like the girl, and he wants to pursue a relationship with her, flowers are presented to show their sympathy.
But if the girl is not attracted to, or things do not go on for further meetings, it can be shown that flowers is a simple gesture and does not obligate either party to anything.

When the flowers decided not to give

Sometimes all someone can see in the flowers on the first date a double meaning. In order not to excite the feelings and interest of his personality, which while undesirable, there is a decision to come to the girl see for the first time, without flowers. This is not surprising and can not be. Most likely, it will go a cautious man. After all, he knows neither the names of their favorite colors, nor relations girl for the bouquets at all (and suddenly she's allergic). In such a line of conduct, no doubt, has its advantages.
For example, there is the "tinsel" which would distract two people from each other, and they need to be very careful and focused to get the information that will help to make a very important decision in their lives.

Whatever the decision, it is important that while there is a debate whether or not to give flowers on the first date, the tradition has not been forgotten. And there's a chance that if not in the first, the second or third meeting she receives her bouquet.

What flowers to give

If, after weighing all the "pros" and "cons", the young man inclines his heart to the parish on a date with empty hands, he was faced with another important question: what flowers to give? As mentioned above, the traditional bouquet will be pink. But you can still consider other options. For example, what senses and which the flower can convey this mood? Tenderness describe lilies and lilies. Poignancy and excitement – chamomile and Aquilegia. Confidence and peace of mind – tulips, roses, chrysanthemums, iris. Some men who like to be creative, dare to give a girl when you first meet even the Orchid in the pot.

The variety of shapes, sizes and colors flowers make the best gift. Bouquet will always talk about the attention and imagination of the giver.