Try to use folk remedies to straighten hair. Keep styling hair, processed strong sweet tea or beer. These methods of rectification, unlike iron, is not harmful for hair, but on the contrary strengthens the hair structure. On the downside, the styling of beer can be attributed only to the smell and sweet tea hair will look glued. To avoid this problem, add to tea as little sugar as possible.
To straighten hair for a longer period, it is necessary to resort to special salon treatments. One of the most popular ways is considered a chemical treatment of hair with special substances. The degree of impact on the structure of the hair, these substances are divided into 3 types. The strongest is sodium hydroxide. It makes the hair absolutely straight and shiny, but leads to their destruction. More gentle element can be considered as guanidine hydroxide. In its composition and less alkali, but it dries hair. The mildest chemical straightening is ammonium thioglycolate. He practically does not harm the hair, but its price is significantly higher than other means.
The most innovative way is bio-straightening. The basis of this method lies in processing the hair with amino acid cysteine. They penetrate deep into the hair structure and change it. This method is good because it does not occur the chemical effect, so the damage is minimal. The only drawback of bio-straightening is its very high price.