You will need
  • - flour - 3 cups;
  • - water - 200 ml;
  • Sol - 0, 5 tsp.
Taking the dishes to the small size, pour water into it. Please note that it should be just warm not hot. Then in the same bowl vysypite salt. The resulting solution, mix thoroughly until that time, until the added ingredient is completely dissolved.
In saline solution enter small portions of wheat flour. This ingredient should certainly sift the flour, otherwise the next pita will not get the desired structure during cooking. The received weight carefully mix until smooth. Thus, you get the dough. His kneading spend enough time. If this is not done, the pita will tear.
Received thick and quite plastic dough cover with a kitchen towel. In this form, leave it for a while in a warm place.
The present divide dough into pieces of small size. Each of them roll out into a flat layer, the thickness of which is approximately equal to 1-2 millimeters. This procedure can be done either using a rolling pin or by hand.
Taking dry the pan thoroughly rascality, and then fry it alternately obtained pellet on each side for 10-15 seconds, no more. If the pita bread while cooking is inflated, just make on its surface, punctures in several places.
Each fried tortilla sprinkle with cold water, then cover with cotton towel and leave in this position for some time. The lavash without yeast is ready!