Colic and flatulence in a child, pediatricians are advised to take dill water, as the safest remedy for the newborn. In any pharmacy you can find a large range of different products for getting rid of bloating in your baby. It can be as dill water, and a special tea composed of fennel seeds. If you use dill water, follow the recommendations of the children's pediatrician. Basically it's one tablespoon of gripe water in the amount of six receptions for a day. If the child is under 8 weeks, it is recommended to add one tablespoon of gripe water in formula feeding.
Dill water is beneficial not only to the newborn but and nursing mothers, as it affects the quality of breast milk. Dill water has no restrictions on length of use and can be used periodically. The only limitation is the age of the child less than two weeks. Mothers, for whom the pharmacy dill water, causes anxiety, can make it yourself.
Fennel seed 2 g ground in a mortar and add to a Cup of boiling water. The composition should infuse for half an hour after it should drain through several layers of cheesecloth. Such a composition is stored in the refrigerator for 3 days before use to heat up to the necessary temperature.