Not so easy to give baby water if he is used to the sweet taste of milk or formula. Despite this, do not accustom the baby to sweetened water, your kidneys need pure, natural water. Sweet water, tea, juice are perceived and absorbed by the body not as a drink but as food.
Use special baby water for giving babies. Carefully purified artesian well water absolutely safe and does not require boiling. Sometimes children's water enriched with vitamins and trace elements.
Watch the temperature of the water. Too hot or cold water may scare the baby and it will not be long to take it. Therefore, the most ideal temperature - room.
Give water to the baby with a spoon or a small Cup if he refuses to drink water from a bottle. There's a special bottle with built-in spoon for little picky.
If the newborn water is required due to illness for the withdrawal of residues of drugs, let's get it out of the sterile rubber bulb or syringe without a needle. Insert the tip of the syringe over the cheek of the baby and gently vypaivali water with small pressure, so that the child does not choke.
Older children put a bottle or Cup of water in a prominent place, perhaps it will interest the kid. "Water" his toys and drink water yourself — children love to copy their parents ' behavior.
Offer your child water during the walk of a special little bottle with a tip-cap. Let the water out after active games in the street and other activities.
Watch out for the well-being of the child. If the baby is not often (3 hour and less) wets his pants, if his lips are dry, and the baby little saliva so the water he is now especially necessary, even if the child receives breast milk. Avoid dehydration!