Dill water to increase lactation

Our grandmothers and great grandmothers never had the opportunity to use modern tools that are available in the form of teas, drops and mixtures, improving lactation. They are in their time, used all the right food and folk remedies.

Unfortunately, in the modern world, problems with lactation occur more frequently than in those days. And to lose precious consolidation, which occurs through feeding, mother-child nobody wants. And moms begin to look for reasons why disturbed lactation, and how to restore it.

If you ask a woman in old age, how to increase the amount of milk a nursing mother, she will say that you need to drink dill water. Except that dill water increases lactation, it still is a great solution for relief of colic in babies. And in fact, almost all teas in modern pharmacies, some fennel seeds and dill.

In the pharmacies you can buy ready-made gripe water. But it is sold only in specialized pharmacies that manufacture prescription drugs. Gripe water from the pharmacy is prepared on the basis of oil of fennel, it was called the pharmacy dill.

How to make dill water to take during breastfeeding?

Dill water is easily prepared at home. A tablespoon of fennel seeds in a dry form it is necessary to blend it, then pour in one Cup of hot water. Give about two hours to infuse in the warmth. This infusion of fennel drink to increase lactation twice a day half a Cup.

Dill water for lactation is also possible to have fresh dill, that is dill. To do this, take fresh dill, chop it, add to it one teaspoon of seeds and then pour not much hot water. After that, the mixture should be put in a water bath and wait for 15 minutes. The cooled decoction is taken before meals in small portions, three times a day.

Useful fennel breast-feeding mother?

Along with infusions of dill, the nursing mother will be useful to use this wonderful spice in food in fresh or processed form. Breastfeeding fresh dill can be added to the diet from 10 days of baby's life.

To preserve lactation required a positive mental attitude mother, as well as a strong desire to feed my baby milk at any cost.