Seeds are sown in pots, in light sandy soil through a sieve and lightly covered with earth, otherwise they can not ascend. Germinate 5-10 a day, but some later. The seedlings and put in a bright and warm place. Later they are seated in pots with a diameter of 7 cm. the Land should not be overgrown with moss, for this is often to loosen.

Also cacti are easily propagated by cuttings, which are dried several days before the formation on the cut the vitreous surface and then planted in the sand. Cuttings in spring and early summer rooted in 7-10 days. Water them when the sand is dry, otherwise the cuttings may rot.

This plant is simple, you only need to put in a Sunny location, moderate watering and ventilate the area. Pots under a cactus take small, as they have a small root system. To avoid stagnation of water should be good drainage. Cacti transplanted in the spring, the transplant can not plant the plant deeper than it was planted before. In winter, watering is very rare and kept at a temperature of 8-10 C.

Often bred: Ferocactus, epiphyllum, ehinokaktus, globular cactus. All of these big double flowers bloom in different shades.