Capacity for cactus choose to fit him in size. Do not choose too small or too much capacity. If the selected pot holes for drainage too large and out of them poured the soil, lay on the bottom of the pot drainage. Drainage for cactus can serve as: sand, clay, gravel, and foam. Plant with a wide creeping root system to grow better in a wide and flat dish. If necessary, you can put the pots in trays.
Soil for cactus make maximum friable and moisture-permeable. Better if you make the soil mixture yourself. In well-rotted leaves, add sand or small gravel, you can also add expanded clay, broken bricks or clay chips.
Seat cactus at any time of the year, but better to do it in the vegetation period: from February to March. If the cactus is growing and developing well, sit it every year. If the plant is small, then necessarily at planting or transplanting hold the roots of cacti are very delicate root system.
Water the cactus sparingly, do not fill it so the water was in the pot. If the plant is in the pan, you can use the method of passive irrigation. Pour into the pan a little water, and the cactus will take the necessary amount of moisture. Water pours as it dries. This method is indispensable in the case if you for a long time leave apartment.