Advice 1: How to plant a bone a cactus

The propagation of such interesting plants as cacti is a fascinating lesson for Amateur gardeners. Cacti differ in form, color, size and flowering. Sooner or later on Mature plants appear children who require a transplant. So how to plant the spikes of a cactus?
How to plant a bone a cactus
You will need
  • - a pot of the desired size;
  • - expanded clay;
  • - garden soil;
  • - large river sand;
  • dry crushed leaves.
To start, gently separate the babies from the parent plant using a clean and sharp knife. It should be done very carefully in order to process accidentally left part of an adult cactus, and Vice versa. Since they can lead to rotting of the plant. Produce jigging in the most favorable for this period – in spring, in any case not at the end of the summer.
After the successful separation of dry baby, make it advisable in a dark and cool place for five to ten days. When the slice is thoroughly dry, proceed with the rooting. But first prepare a favorable substrate.
Cacti is quite demanding to the pot in which to grow. The size must match the root system of the plant. Take a small container (plastic or clay, whatever), a couple of centimeters more kids in diameter. In the absence of the bottom of the pot drainage holes, do them with Sheila, heated over the fire. Otherwise, the water stagnated in the roots can lead to decay.
For making soil favorable for growing cactus plants, mix equal proportions of garden soil, coarse river sand and crushed dry leaves. On the bottom of the pot place a layer of expanded clay or small pebbles, she will play the role of drainage. Then fill the pot to the edge of the rim of the prepared substrate and tamp a bit.
With a pen make a hole in the center of the earth and place the separated baby, not much deepen. Top ground pour a small layer of stone, thus you create natural conditions and protect the root neck.
Put a pot of cactus for a couple of days in the shade, let him get used to the new habitat. To produce the first watering should be a week after planting and a small amount of supernatant water. Remember, a cactus is a desert plant, devastating the moisture in large quantities.

Advice 2: Cactus: planting and care

Cacti are plants that have fleshy stems, covered with spines or hairs. They can be of various forms. Most of the cactuses are very beautiful in bloom large flowers.
Cactus: planting and care

Seeds are sown in pots, in light sandy soil through a sieve and lightly covered with earth, otherwise they can not ascend. Germinate 5-10 a day, but some later. The seedlings and put in a bright and warm place. Later they are seated in pots with a diameter of 7 cm. the Land should not be overgrown with moss, for this is often to loosen.

Also cacti are easily propagated by cuttings, which are dried several days before the formation on the cut the vitreous surface and then planted in the sand. Cuttings in spring and early summer rooted in 7-10 days. Water them when the sand is dry, otherwise the cuttings may rot.

This plant is simple, you only need to put in a Sunny location, moderate watering and ventilate the area. Pots under a cactus take small, as they have a small root system. To avoid stagnation of water should be good drainage. Cacti transplanted in the spring, the transplant can not plant the plant deeper than it was planted before. In winter, watering is very rare and kept at a temperature of 8-10 C.

Often bred: Ferocactus, epiphyllum, ehinokaktus, globular cactus. All of these big double flowers bloom in different shades.


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