To transplant a cactus better in the spring. Usually, if the soil in the pot with the cactusom did not become a concrete monolith before her transplant is not watered. Com dry ground with root system can be easily separated from the pot. Professionals suggest a particularly "predatory" instances to tie a rope between the needles, and then get the cactus out of the pot by simply pulling the rope.
Shake gently the earth with the roots, if there is damage to the root system, stain it, then cut them to the healthy tissue and leave outdoors for a few days to dry. Healthy roots should be well visible hairs suction, and they are to be smooth, slightly yellowish color.
The material of the pot can be any cactusyou thrive in clay and plastic vessels. But the size of the pot is chosen according to the size of the root system. The roots can bend and side to the walls of the pot should remain 1 inch of space.
The ground should be loose and light, it is poured over the drainage holes, covered with fine expanded clay or pottery shards. Sprinkling earth on the sides, gently tap the pot on the table, utresa the ground. Root collar of a cactusand should be flush with the surface of the earth in the pot, the soil level is 1 inch from the edges of the pot.
After transplanting the cactus can not be watered for a few days. If the roots were cut, then you can leave it in quarantine longer. The first time do not expose the cactus under bright sunlight. If you did reloading, just changing the pot and posypav land, mode of irrigation, leave the same