Duties of the librarian

Every library has different requirements to the candidate for the post of librarian. Specific responsibilities are outlined in job descriptions in the organization. In General cases, attention is paid to personal qualities of the potential employee and education. Among the desirable qualities of note: punctuality, responsibility, good memory, emotional restraint, and others. When applying for a job less important is work experience.

The librarian takes the orders and instructions of the guide. Separate requirements apply to the level of expertise of the librarian. He should know the contents of the artistic, scientific and other literature. This requirement is due to the fact that the librarian helps the visitors in selecting the right books, provides advice and recommendations on the selection of relevant literature.

The duties of the librarian included record keeping, storage, retrieval and delivery of the book Fund. Thus, the librarian must know the relevant rules for the processing and acquisition of library literature. It is a list of the missing literature on user requests, monitors the updates in the book field. This is required to account for the main indicators characterizing the efficiency of the library.

Professional qualities of librarian

The duties of the librarian is required such qualities as attentiveness, concentration and patience. Professional qualities of librarian also allow him to ensure the safety literature library. He knows the rules of compiling alphabetical catalogues of books and magazines stored in the library. The librarian is obliged to apply measures to improve visitors ' experience. First and foremost, this requirement applies to the creation of comfortable conditions for readers to meet their requests for literature.

Also, the librarian learns about the upcoming exhibitions in the city and taking part in them for the library. He prepares handouts and visual material on current issues of science and manufacturing experience, draws up exhibition stands.

Today the librarian with the necessary knowledge and skills to use them. So, it generates a directory of databases available in the library literature in electronic form. It is worth noting that the librarian's job has drawbacks. These include lack of career advancement and low wages.