If your head crept unpleasant thoughts start to carefully analyze the situation. Think about your family life. Are you happy in marriage? And your husband? If your harmony, your man is hurrying home from work, never lingers and pays you every moment of your life, you do not worry about it.
But if your better half will stay on the job, time to reflect on his faithfulness. Make sure how much money he makes. If it supposedly works more than normal, but he's somehow getting smaller is a serious reason for suspicion. Even in this situation, do not rush to indict, if he really is cheating, your suspicion is only gonna make him much more cautious.
Discreetly check his cell phone. Incoming and outgoing calls, messages, phonebook. If you find a suspicious message or a call from an unknown number, call this number from any phone. Just not with her. Listen to the voice and abort the connection. If the call is taken by a man, consider yourself lucky. If the call will respond to a woman trick to find out who she is and where.
Watch his behavior. He abruptly became hard to follow him? Started going to gym? Became detached from you? Pull yourself together, maybe soon you will discover nasty secrets.
To checkwhether actually your husband cheating start writing to him on behalf of others. Can lead a correspondence with him in the social network. Create a page "In Contact", create a name, put a beautiful avatar. It is possible to correspond by phone. Pretend its the contacts you got someone of his friends or employees. Don't call his name. Try to acquaint, to communicate. If he goes on about you, invite him on a date. If the husband agrees, so he is able to deceive you.
In any case, don't panic before, make sure you edit. Even better, think about whether you need this investigation? If his conscience is crystal clear, your suspicions can be very hard to hurt him. Distrust can ruin any, even the most strong family.