Start with the correct placement of the fingers. If you learn typing from scratch, it is extremely important to remember the correct hand position over the keyboard: 4 thumb finger of the left hand should lie on a combination of "f-o-V-a" right – on "o-l-d-W". Please note that "o" and "a" marked with a marker specifically so that you could find them by touch. Thumbs down on the Space bar, and hold down Shift with my pinky.
Most of the work is the index, middle and ring fingers. The pinky in this case plays the role of an assistant that works with side buttons. Each finger covers the 3-4 closest to the button: the nameless, for example, controls the extreme keys ("j-f-I" on the left and "b-e-." on the right), and the index, on the contrary, the middle.
Actively use keyboard simulators. Of course, the immortal classics are still running under DOS "Alenka", "Solo on the keyboard" and "the Gingerbread man", but you can find much more pleasant options. For example, the site allows you to compete in typing speed with other players – a sense of rivalry becomes an additional motivation for regular practice.
A lot of print. This is the easiest and most obvious way, which usually turns out to be more practical and productive of any equipment. Not necessarily to write business notes: chat with friends via chat and leaving messages on the forum is no worse than writing documents and texts. The more you spend every day at the keyboard, the easier you can instinctively find the desired letter.
Please rate your ability to print. Often the need to "keep an eye" on the keys is purely psychological. This will require from you only the strength of will: you need to control your mind and not allow it to break away from written on the monitor of the text. Actually it is not harder than to unlearn to use the letter "e" is exceptionally habits, and if you are typing fast enough "open" then quickly will your habits change.