Make a plan that you will learn fast desatualizado blind method of printing.
Start the mastering method with the quick search on the keyboard reference keys Jonesy what and OLG, securing them fingers:
1) f – the little finger of the left hand;
2) S – the ring finger of the left hand;
3) the middle finger of the left hand;
4) A index finger of the left hand;
5) On - the index finger of the right hand;
6) L - middle finger of the right hand;
7) D - the ring finger of the right hand;
8) W - the little finger of the right hand.With the study of these keys begins the basic part of the course. Keep your fingers on these keys as above is a classic statement of the working of blind way.The main keys are A and d, they are labels for finding them blindly. Learn to find them quickly.
Select one (or more) keyboard simulators. They include a wide variety of interface settings of complexity, meet both free and paid programs. Typing tutor is a special program for personal computers that contains a set of exercises that help quick and visual memorization of the location of the keys. Moreover, the simulators are gradually expanding the number of keys that you need to remember, starting with A and C. During the training, the program evaluates the speed and quality of typing. The most popular:
1) Solo on the keyboard;
2) Time Speed;
3) Stamina;
4) Все10;
5) Keyboard simulator.On the keyboard the simulator every day we need to give some time (about 1-1,5 hours). So skill is better absorbed.
Seal the keys of the keyboard so that was not visible to the characters, leaving visible only the reference letters A and O. the Sealing can be made by paper, adhesive tape, adhesive tape. Make sure that keys are not left glue after you re-open them.This method will teach you to look for the hint, lowering her gaze to the keyboard, make working memory and motor memory of the fingers. It is necessary only to overcome the discomfort from the fact that the keys are not visible.
How to learn to write on <strong>keyboard</strong>
Once you pass the training, you need to print regularly, otherwise you will lose the rhythm and speed.