The fastest way to type on the keyboard blind typing. Normal user, even very quickly pechatalsya two fingers, it is difficult to compete with those who print the above method. To learn how to type faster, download any program training keyboard, which teaches the blind method of printing, and then follow the instructions (lessons) of the program.

It's no secret, as before – we need to constantly train. Force yourself to print as much as possible – communicate through the usual social networks or instant messengers, but do not forget to train the knowledge. Also, if your work is not related to typing, take a book and get text from it. Remember that only hard training will allow you to learn. Exercise at least one hour a day, but better – more.

Which typing tutor download? I must say that this choice, in General, a matter of taste. Someone more like a simple design, someone something for children, with cartoon characters. The main point of this simulator is to begin to engage, to put a hand, say the musicians. The rest is a matter of regular training.

Useful tip: "stamina" - popular free typing tutor. The program has advice for teaching, training mode. Example other free keyboard simulators - Rapid Typing Tutor, AK, "Virtuoso".