The amount of income of the borrower depends on two factors - the amount of the loan needed by the borrower, and the term of the loan. To calculate the minimum income you need to calculate the monthly payment amount. The easiest way to do that, using special mortgage calculators banks. They need to specify initial conditions of lending the amount, terms and interest rate. As a result, you will receive the monthly payments.
Most banks provide the borrower a mortgage under the condition that the monthly payment should not exceed 40% of the income of the potential borrower. But experts believe that the mortgage did not cause serious impact on the family budget, debt load should not be higher than 30% of the total income.
The borrower can evaluate the adequacy of their income by multiplying the estimated monthly payment on the mortgage for 2.5. So, it turns out that with a monthly mortgage payment in the amount of 40 thousand rubles, the income of the borrower must be 100 thousand rubles, With the Bank rating of the borrower is taken into account, not only of his official income and other income (such as income from rental real estate or work part time).
It is worth considering that if the differentiated scheme of repayment of a mortgage, the income level should be higher than when annuitants. This is due to the fact that in this approach, the initial monthly payment is much higher.
You can use the return path to assess the adequacy of the borrower's income and determine the maximum mortgage amount with the available income. Some banks give the borrower the possibility to estimate online the amount he can count, for Example, in the savings Bank the borrower with an income of 20 thousand rubles per month can obtain a mortgage in the amount of slightly more than 1 million rubles for 20 years or 819 thousand rubles for 10 years. It is worth considering that this calculation is very approximate, since the amount of the credit may actually be increased with the involvement of guarantors and the availability of liquid collateral.