The Bank is carefully studying the information about your work and about your income. Taken into account credit history, personal information. In this way the Bank verifies each borrower before a mortgage, study the candidate before issuing a mortgage loan.
After checking the documents, the decision on lending. They can be positive, negative, and intermediate. In the latter case the Bank can give loan for a lower amount.
Even if all documents are in order, the pay is good and work experience is great, there is no guarantee that the Bank will approve the mortgage. The Bank may refuse. This is done for several reasons.
Firstly, great importance is credit history. If it is bad, then the chances of getting a mortgage loan small. For example, a five-day delay in the savings Bank will not allow you to get a mortgage in the next 5 years. And no matter, that delay has already been closed and the loan repaid.
Of course, the Bank with a small number of clients can understand the situation, but the chance is not much. You have to specify valid reasons for explaining the delay of the loan. It may be job loss, but the delay should not be more than 90 days.
The second reason for refusal is a candidate for getting a mortgage did not pass the scoring. It is a system that cuts off inappropriate for the Bank customers. This program is a portrait of the borrower. If he is gaining points, then it fits the Bank as a client.
The third reason for refusal of Bank employees did not get through on the specified work phone. In this case, you will also receive a waiver. So tell us at work about what you're going to take credit.
If the customer is confused in the data, and says losing the Bank can also refuse. It is important to answer questions clearly and confidently. You should be prepared to ensure that the Bank can ask questions about the work and about the purposes of lending.
Errors in documents are often the cause of failure. Minor bugs as a reason for refusal be rare, but still worth checking out the documents prior to their submission to the Bank.
Before you apply for credit, check the information on the website of the tax authorities, bailiffs, police. It is almost impossible to get a mortgage if you previously had a criminal record. The chances to get a mortgage is if the conviction was conditional.
If the 2-NDFL statement or employment history is not checked the Bank, the mortgage client denied. In any case, even if you are denied at one Bank, it should apply to another. Maybe in another financial organization mortgage loan you will be approved.