A number of banks to determine the maximum loan amount, use conditional calculated value for the "cost of living". This calculation produces analysts the particular credit institution. As the basis is the total income of all family members. Assume that the family has two children, and the husband and wife. The salary of the husband is 20,000, the wife is 15 000 rubles.
In its decision, the Bank establishes the amount of funds necessary to complete the life of one person. Assume that for this region it is equal to 5000 rubles. Total for a family of 4 people for life, you need 20 000 rubles per month. It turns out that remaining from the total family income 15 000 amount to the maximum monthly payment that you can afford the family.
The maximum loan amount calculate based on the period for which you are taking the money, and set the Bank interest rates. If you want to take a loan for 5 years, i.e. 60 months, for example, at 25% per annum, the maximum credit amount for this calculation 720 000 rubles.
Other banks and in particular Sberbank use a slightly different formula for determining the financial capabilities of the clients. On the basis of the inquiry under the form 2-NDFL provided by the potential borrower, calculated his total income for the last six months, which is then deducted compulsory payments: taxes, alimony, payments on other loans etc. the Remaining amount is divided into 6 months to get average monthly net income (JEM). This figure is used to calculate the solvency of the client.
To determine solvency, the savings Bank uses a system of coefficients (K) that change their value depending on the average monthly income. So, if JEM less than 15 000, K = 0,3, if JEM was more than 15,000, but less than 30 000, K = 0,4, when income from 30 000 to 60 000 - K = 0,5 K=0,6, if your average monthly income is more than 60 000.
The maximum allowable amount, which includes payment of interest and principal is calculated by the formula: In = DSR * K * m, where m is the loan term in months. And the maximum loan amount (TFR) will be equal to: TFR = A / (1 + St / 100 * m / 12). For the value of St in this formula, taking the lending rate in percent.