You will need
  • 1. passport and copies of all pages.
  • 2. 2-NDFL statement of employment.
  • 3. copy of work record card certified by the employer.
  • 4. if there are loans, that help from the banks-creditors on the payments on these loans.
  • 5. marriage certificate (divorce).
  • 6. birth certificates of children.
  • 7. a driver's license.
  • 8. profile of the Bank.
  • In some cases, banks require other documents.
Many prefer to contact a real estate Agency, or to a mortgage broker, since this greatly simplifies the procedure of search of the apartment and the Bank, collection of documents. Broker and realtors are quite expensive, but they know how to get a mortgage on a flat with maximum rapidity and success.
The process of obtaining a mortgage for an apartment usually starts with the search of the apartment. The apartment is easy to find, there are many sites on the Internet and printed publications, which publishes announcements of sold apartments. It is important to check the apartment to gather all documents, to perform them, preferably with the help of lawyers. Then you need to search for the Bank, which would be approved for this apartment and was given credit. For this, banks with the best deals sent the documents to the apartment (to the Bank too, they checked) and the data about who takes the credit.
If the Bank are satisfied, a loan agreement. The Bank can offer services such as credit insurance, then you will need to sign additional contract for this service. Next is a transaction transferred money - the down payment, the size of which depend on the banks. As a rule, the first payment is at least 20% of the price. The transfer of the right to an apartment is registered in the Federal Registration Service, FRS.