USB modem is, in fact, can become a real salvation for those cases where other types of connection do not exist. Usually this type of connection is predominant in rural areas and small towns. In Metropolitan areas, the USB modem is out of the ordinary phenomenon – usually around town already laid fiber optic cable. And what about those people for whom the only solution will be to buy a USB modem? Of course, you need to choose this device to gather information about him online and compare with other representatives of such devices in the Russian market.

What are the criteria to choose a USB modem

To date, most USB modems are the products of Huawei company. Despite the diversity of models, almost all modems have the same specifications. The most sold in Russia are USB modems from MegaFon, Beeline and MTS. Companies produce 3G devices, although recently MegaFon introduced a new 4G USB modem, quality of connection and speed which is much better than 3G.

The cost of USB modems these three companies ranges from 890 to 1190 rubles. It should be noted that if you buy the USB modem from a Megaphone, you will not be able to use a sim card from another operator during the attempt to launch the program modem, there is the inscription "SIM card not found". Therefore, a great demand for universal modems – they are the same, but you can use them with a SIM card of any operator.

If you purchase a USB modem from one of these three major companies, in a month you will have to pay a certain amount. The cost of the subscription fee will vary depending on the tariff. Rates differ from each other by the number of available monthly traffic (from 3 to 50 GB) and the presence or lack of bonuses (for example, some companies night traffic is not considered). On average you will have to pay from 300 to 700 roubles.

Specialized or universal

Before using any USB modem you should install a special software on the computer. From modems of MegaFon, Beeline and MTS is set immediately as soon as you insert the modem into a USB port of the computer. The only negative – the failures and "glitches". It often happens that starts to "hang" the browser window of the program the USB modem does not clot and does not respond to any action. Software universal modems often have to search the network, but no problem during operation of such software does not occur (no computer starts to "slow down", a fault in the modem and the PC is not observed).