The causes of enuresis can be the slow development of children's Central nervous systems, heredity, physical characteristics of the bladder, urogenital diseases caused by infections as well as psychological problems and stress.
To find an effective cure of enuresis should undergo a thorough examination of a number of specialists such as pediatrician, gynecologist, urologist, psychologist and a neurologist. They will help to identify the cause and offer appropriate treatment. Delayed access to a doctor aggravates the disease and causes negative consequences. It is more effective treatment, combining medications and methods of forming the reflexes of urination.
Psychotherapeutic techniques aim to teach the patient to control the bladder during sleep. Most often used for this hypnosis, his Ericksonian and classical types, self-hypnosis, suggestion in the sleep state, all this improves emotional stability. Physiotherapeutic methods involve the use of electrosleep and darsonvalization region of the bladder. Also, if necessary, to normalize relations in the family, solved the emotional problems of the patient.
Also there are the urinary alarms, so-called "bladder alarm". They are a small sensor placed in the underwear of the child. When struck by the first drops of urine, it sends a signal to the alarm causing the child wakes up and goes to the toilet.
As medicines, depending on the form of pathology, used the following drugs. "Adiuretinom-SD", "Minirin" or "Desmopressin" is a derivative of the hormone vasopressin, which acts on the kidneys, reducing the amount of urine to the point when she can stay in the bladder till morning. They are used as nasal drops. It is a perfect drugs for children with disorders of the circadian rhythm of urine formation, when at night it accumulates too much.
"Glycine", "Piracetam" or "Pantogram" have a nootropic effect, i.e., improve the metabolic processes in nerve cells and promote healthy sleep. "Persen", "Novo-Passit" and tincture of Valerian or motherwort have a sedative effect. "Diazepam", "Nitrazepam" is a tranquilizer that can relieve emotional stress and normalizing sleep. If the enuresis is caused by infectious diseases, it is necessary to take a course of antibiotics.
In the case of enuresis due to violations of the nervous regulation of the bladder, with predominance of the high tone of its smooth muscles, which reduces the volume of bladder is used bisoprolol heart. It increases bladder volume and decreases the spasms, spontaneous muscle contractions become more rare, and eliminates incontinence. It is often combined with treatment "Minirena".
When lowering the tone of the bladder is necessary during the day to observe the regime of involuntary urination at a frequency of 3 hours. Should ensure that the child has emptied the bladder before going to bed. In this case, assign "Minirin" with "Proserina" improving the smooth muscle tone.
To improve metabolic processes in the brain, when client States prescribers "Nootropil", "Picamilon", "Persen" or "Novopassit". Also shown are the courses of vitamin therapy, including vitamins B6, B12, B1, B2, And E.
Effective action have the decoctions of medicinal plants such as calendula, sage, rose hips, sage, thyme, St. John's wort, leaves cranberries, mint, fennel seeds and fruits of fennel. These plants are part of a variety of herbs that normalize the activity of cardiovascular and nervous systems, which possess calming and anti-inflammatory action.