You will need
  • - drugs.
Nighttime incontinence is not considered a disease until then, until the child turns 5 years. By this term must be Mature parts of the brain responsible for self-control. If not, you need to pass a comprehensive examination by a pediatrician, a children's urologist and neurologist.
Give urine and blood samples, complete ultrasound examination of the kidneys and bladder. If it turns out that the cause of enuresis is an infection that will require taking antibiotics and possibly physiotherapy. Typically, the therapy takes at least 2-4 weeks. Only after this period you can judge about its effectiveness.
If the cause of the enuresis is the immaturity of the brain (it turns out on reception at the neurologist), take prescribed nootropic drugs. This may be a "Piracetam", "Phenibut", "Pantogram", "Pikamilon" and others. The course of treatment is not less than a month.
Refer to a psychiatrist. Perhaps the reason for bedwetting is a neurosis. In this case you may need the use of antidepressants and psychostimulants. A course of individual sessions with a psychologist is also useful.
In addition, can be administered agonists and hormonal agents. Take them strictly at the scheduled time at the recommended dosage.
Do not scold the child for the night, punctures, try to create a friendly atmosphere. It's not his fault that can't control himself. The extra experience on this issue will only exacerbate the situation. If the child worries too much, consult your doctor regarding the use of sedative drugs, preferably plant-based.
Encourage your child, if he managed to Wake up dry. At first, it can be a souvenir for one dry night, over time, increase the number of nights for which we prize. However, in this case, you will have to increase its value.