One of the ways of dealing with voles is based on the ancient observation. It is noticed that the mouse never settle on the place where the fire occurred. This is because rodents do not tolerate the ash. It has an alkaline reaction, and when it sticks to the paws of vole irritate their delicate skin. So mice prefer to leave and find another home. The fire in the house, of course, not necessary to arrange. Just sprinkle wood ashes the cellar and the cellar flooring, outbuildings. The proportion of one bucket to 5 sq. m. in a few days, uninvited guests out of the house.
Mice can be dealt with traditional methods is to poison them. Prepare a mixture of wheat flour and plaster in equal proportions. Pour into a bowl. Next place a saucer of water. When the mouse eats and drinks, the plaster hardens in her stomach and lead to death. For this bait react positively almost all pests, even the most savvy, because it doesn't smell of poison. But this method is quite robust. Besides, not everyone is nice to find in the garden and in the house of the dead rodents.
You can go a more humane way. It is known that voles can't stand the smell of milkweed, garlic, grouse and green hound. Sit in the garden plenty of plants, mice will be much less, the bulk of them will go where there is no unpleasant for rodents aroma. To be sure, it is possible to find the mousenye mink, and lay them in garlic cloves, fish heads or walnut leaves – their smells, the pests do not like.
Voles can be intimidating and scary for them sounds. Make empty plastic bottles holes and tilted bury bottles in the ground. When in the holes will fall the wind will hear a sound like a mournful whistle. Mouse not tolerate it.
Now in stores sold a special ultrasonic rodent repellent. These devices are extremely effective. But these devices need a power source – they should either keep it permanently plugged in, either to change the batteries. When the repeller stays on the mouse leave the area. But once it stops working, they come back.
In the case of a mass invasion of the voles all the above methods will not help. Have to use chemicals. You can buy product "Rat's death №1" and put the bags in holes or near them, then to repeat the process in 5-7 days. But such measures can hurt Pets.