In the retail trade, for example, the market discount for the volume purchased goods or other considerations. For example, give a discount to the buyer, if the neighboring pavilion sold the same product at the same price. Or offer him a discount for buying multiple items. The same principle use, if the product sell wholesale. The buyer is interested to take the products in one place if the total price for each item will be less than that of competing firms.
Cumulative discounts are provided to regular customers. Are you interested in a regular customer"s, aspire to increase sales to each of them. Make a table of discounts, it calculate the price from buying at a certain amount. Set the difference between the prices of 5% in each column. The buyer will seek the lowest price in the table, increasing purchase of product and your profit. The volume of purchases of each customer in this case should be recorded.

Discount system exists in many retail chains, the fixation of the amounts of purchased goods produced with the help of individual plastic cards of the buyer. Upon reaching a certain purchase amount, the settlement system will automatically generate a new discount percentage.
In the case of the sale of goods with deferred payment, use the discount for faster payment. The customer will have a choice: meet the deadline stipulated by the terms of a deferred, or paid before the appointed date, but at cheaper prices. The discount amount is calculate individually. In addition to accelerate the turnover, you get a guarantee of refund. This method is use for those clients who periodically does not fit within the agreed terms of deferred payment. If you are unable to translate them into prepaid method of calculation for a number of reasons, this option will help to get rid of the constant late payments.
If you sell a seasonal product then at the end of each period, conduct the sale. Make seasonal discounts, otherwise you risk to freeze working capital. Likewise, with the leftover items from the previous collection, before the flow of new products. In this case, set the discount price as close as possible to the sum of the purchase plus the expense of shipping.
In many organizations, that sell services of different kinds – beauty saloons, fitness centers, the club adopted a system of discounts. Ie by purchasing a club card, a customer receives the service at a better price, and the owner of the club becomes a regular customer. If your career allows you such type of discount, order your plastic cards to attract loyal customers. Can sell them for a nominal fee or donate.