Recall that in accordance with the provisions of article 40 of NK of the Russian Federation trade organization may be offered: discounts that are caused by seasonal fluctuations in demand for products; discounts associated with the loss of quality or other consumer properties of goods; discounts at the expiration (approach of date) expiration date or period of implementation of the product; discounts on prototypes and samples prepared to examine them; other discounts provided by the marketing plans of the organization.
Before you write the letter, make sure that your proposal was justified both from an economic and from a legal point of view. Consider this circumstance: the marketing policy of the company is regulated by the local normative act of the organization and in the use of discounts is, in fact, a means of preventing tax claims.
Paper on marketing policy the company may consolidate various types of discounts, for example:
discounts for reduction of payment terms;
- discounts to special categories of customers (in particular, regular customers or employees of partner companies);
discounts associated with the sale, renewal of the product range, implementation of the stock (the time of such discounts shall be documented);
- the so-called holiday discounts (perfumery goods, flowers, champagne, etc.);
- storage and bundled discounts;
- special discounts with reference to certain figures, dates (for example, 13% discount every month on the 13th of every month, 5% discount - on the day of birth of the buyer, the discount of the last digits of a passport, a 10% discount to all women named Svetlana in a hairdressing salon "Svetlana" and other creatively invented discounts).
What discounts are enshrined in your corporate documents? Before sending the messages again to check the legitimacy of your business proposals.
The letter itself, make according to the traditional scheme: introduction, main and final parts. In the introduction briefly tell about your organization, the types of products (services), achieved the success or notoriety of the firm.

In the main part state the nature of the commercial proposals - tell us about the discounts we offer!. In the final sentences underline the indication of the validity of preferential prices, focusing on the benefits of the transaction. Encourage the consumer to action. Sometimes "potoraplivaya" phrase: "Call me (come back) right now! ", "Waiting for your call today!".
Writing style depends on the nature of your product (service). It's one thing when we are talking about discounts on parts for cars, the other for tickets to entertainment events of club weekend. When a well-known target audience (age, social status, gender), and easier to choose the language of your treatment. If you choose a business style, don't forget about its main characteristics: neutral tone of presentation, its clarity and brevity.