Tomatoes large svetloba. Even minor shading they react painfully. Between the planted trees is always a struggle for light. Whip vigorously drawn up. Green foliage "raging" to the detriment of fruit formation. This pattern is repeated when the plant top leaves shade the bottom. To get a harvest, it is necessary to cut sheets, to free them from the shadows and provide more light.

The leaves should be cut off:

The bottom leaves if they touch the ground. Young tomato lower leaves are used to support and maintain plant in vertical position. But at the garter tomatoes on a trellis it is not important.
After the formation of the first floral brush fruit gradually eliminate all the lower leaves. Then cut out the leaves after the second brush with fruit, the third and the forth. Have a fruiting tomato stalk from the soil level should be released from the leaves. This is an important element of ventilation and prevention of diseases.
If the adjacent growing plants, the leaves touch each other, such leaves (or the leaves) is also cut.
Growing sometimes on flower buds "israstine", shoots and leaves is removed.

Tomatoes each brush with the ensuing fruit is fed through the top
(located above the wrist) 2-3 leaves. While the fruit is small in size, trim is not recommended. Remove these leaves when the fruits grow, reaching its size, and will ripen on their own. The larger the fruit, the less he depends on leaves and needs more sunlight. Fruits, "caressed" by the sun, and tastier than grown in the shade.
With the impending Phytophthora cut out all the leaves on tomato plants. It is often possible to grow fruit on bare stems without leaves.