You will need
  • the direction to the blood;
  • - portable device for control of cholesterol.
To measure the level of cholesterol high and low density, contact a local therapist and get a referral for a blood test. Blood taken from a vein. Hand over the analysis strictly on an empty stomach.
To blood showed the most reliable results, carefully prepare for him. Within one month before the examination follow the diet. Exclude from the diet of animal fats, butter. Eat low-calorie food rich in fiber. One day before the test, refrain from tobacco, alcohol, strong tea and coffee.
After receiving the results of the analysis visit your doctor. If you have cholesterol 5 mmol/l, this normal performance. Minor deviations from the norm can be the result of improper preparation and analysis of diet violation. Significant deviations from the norm are signs of serious diseases that require correction and treatment. High cholesterol can cause heart attacks, strokes, thromboses and other serious diseases. Low cholesterol may be due to malnutrition or due to impaired liver function or diabetes.
If the performance of laboratory studies showed a significant deviation of cholesterol from the norm, you will need systematic follow-up examination. To measure the level of cholesterol in the home. To do this, purchase in the pharmacy network is a portable device designed to measure cholesterol at home. The operation principle is quite simple and is described in detail in the instructions from the manufacturer. The basic principle of operation of all devices is the application of a drop of blood on test strip, then the strip is placed in the device.
Portable device for control of cholesterol rationally to have all patients diagnosed with an increased or decreased level of cholesterol in the blood.