The desire to be alone is not a reason for men panic

The girls are staying a long time in a relationship, there is often little desire to move away from the partner. However, afraid of such behavior is not: this is not necessarily the "bell" that she wants to leave. It's just that sometimes your partner requires an emotional "reset".

Alone girl can quietly reflect on many issues and find answers to many of them. Especially often to be alone I want natures sensitive and creative. If a girl will not get the desired privacy, it can result in a scandal or quarrel.

The desire to be alone can also be a signal to partner that the relationship is not all right. Perhaps this is just a way to get your attention. Try to look at the behavior of his passions and understand, if not put it and whether or not the lady wants intimacy. Real chance that expressing such a desire, the girl just expects from you decisive step that will bring to the relationship something new.

If the desire to be one of the girl occurs in the beginning of the relationship, it can also have its own reasons not related to you. First, your fiancee might be an introvert. People of this type sometimes loneliness is necessary to restore psychological balance.

Second, many girls are very prone to hormonal surges. Depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle the behavior of your chosen one can vary. Also, she may not want to show you my hysterical nature of PMS, and so try to experience it on their own.

Privacy in the serious circumstances

Sometimes girls want to be alone not just. This desire may be troubling. There is a possibility that the privacy of your darling needed to make difficult but necessary decisions.

For example, she could have some time with you to meet with one (or several) young man. "Testing" the options available, she wants to go out for a while "in the shadow", to perform and to make your choice. Another similar situation: showed up on the horizon of her ex-boyfriend, who offers to start a relationship again. If feelings have cooled to the end, the girl want to retire and all carefully to consider.

However, the desire to be alone does not indicates that your passion is "mnogotonnaya". Perhaps in her opinion and feelings, relationship with you gradually come to a standstill. To understand his feelings for you, evaluate their seriousness and desire to pursue a relationship (or terminate them), the girl may require privacy.

To understand what the situation is in your pair is very difficult. Can help straight talk or any of your plunge. To deny a girl in seclusion is not necessary – it can provoke a quarrel and aggression, unnecessary spat. Stay calm, let the lady to be alone, to regain strength and to make the necessary decision.