The arrangement of his personal life, of course, a very important task which somehow forced to solve almost all guys. But before you jump into the world of romantic relationships, should stop and understand why you need a companion. Moreover, to avoid serious disappointments, it is better to determine in advance and with that, why she did not need.

Why don't need a girl

One of the common misconceptions, the chasing of boys, is that the lack of a steady girlfriend discreditied young man in the eyes of their peers. This misconception is often the cause of the origin of the vague relations for the sake of "public recognition". In fact, it cannot be considered as a significant reason for the search companion, as a romantic relationship — it is quite intimate, and public opinion should not play in their formation no role. This approach will likely only lead to mutual disappointment and resentment, because it is very difficult to maintain a relationship without feeling it necessary.

Some guys believe that girls need in the first place, for sex. Indeed, the sexual element is essential, but, unfortunately, almost impossible to build a permanent relationship on sexual attraction. It is not only inevitable mutual fatigue from each other in bed, but in the fact that sooner or later one of the partners will want something more than sex, and if the second will not be ready for this, it's likely that you'll end up with a quarrel or a scandal. The opposite mistake is done by guys who are looking for a girl to get rid of loneliness. Not to be confused with the usual desire to communicate with love, but for regular conversations, it is better to find a person who share your interests, and make friends with him.

Love and family

Guy needs a girl if he feels that he loves her. Of course, there are so many definitions of love, but usually this feeling is easy to distinguish from the hormonal surge, or craving for communication. A relationship built on mutual love does not always end in marriage, because it requires the ability every day to love our partner more and more, which is acquired only with experience. Besides, not every girl will reciprocate his worshipper. Search girls "love" can bring a lot of suffering and frustrations, but this path will give the opportunity to create a truly strong and lasting relationship.

Ideally, these relationships will lead to the creation of a family and the appearance of children, but to hurry to the registry office is not necessary until you are sure you have found exactly the girl you want to live as long as possible. Although in today's world, divorces are not uncommon, perhaps it will make sense to wait a bit before you enter into marriage. In the end, from the traditional point of view, romance is the right person in the first place, for procreation, and if you don't want your children to grow up in a single-parent family, try to find the one who is going to live life.