What solves the problem of shampoo

Do not wait for the shampoo that he will save you from split ends and make hair supple and strong. Most of these promises are only advertising gimmicks. But if you choose the right shampoo, given the characteristics of your hair, apply it exactly as required and are not fond of extra "magical" means – for many problems it is really possible to get rid of. For example, excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands with shampoo can be adjusted, and the thin and seared the ends to make it more soft and manageable as possible.

All the attention on the composition

First, you need to get rid of the excess fat on the scalp, therefore, the shampoo you should buy for oily hair. All that "strengthens weakened", "gives strength", and "returns life energy, detergents for the hair of another type. Oily hair, in any case I don't need no weight during washing – the task of the shampoo to clear the scalp of excess sebum and dirt. So your detergent, even if your hair is thin, in any case should not contain silicones and lanolin. Also avoid shampoos with conditioners (two in one or three in one), such means is highly undesirable for oily hair. If so you will want to buy air conditioner, buy it separately.

What should be included in the composition you need shampoo? Look for herbal extracts of oak bark, horsetail, sage, yarrow, birch or lime. May also be useful means of "volumizing", "weightless" and "giving tone".

But what about the tips?

A logical question arises, what will remain of the ends that are thin and dry, and even will be washed with dried shampoo without conditioner in it? No need to panic. Because fine oily hair – it's two problems in one, should be addressed separately. For your dry and lifeless ends be sure to get a special balm or conditioner. When you wash your hair, apply shampoo to the scalp and roots, distribute it throughout the length of the part still falls on the ends. After greasy roots will be carefully washed, thin damaged hair for the rest of the length of the rinse conditioner. This will prevent loss of moisture and nutrients and keep the hair beautiful.