Causes of oily hair

The causes of oily hair include:
- heredity;
- endocrine diseases;
- the abuse of fatty foods, meats, sweets, fast food;
- wrong selection of shampoos and other care products for the hair;
- excessive hair washing;
- stress;
- use of certain drugs.

Recently argued that there is no particular harm in washing your hair too often, there are even shampoos that say they're intended for daily use. But it is the fact that the hair very quickly become greasy, as during the washing washed away the protective lipid layer that gives hair Shine and makes them healthy.

Sebaceous glands begin to work intensively and close output of fat on the surface. Excess sebum into the hair follicle, the hairs become thinner, become brittle and begin to fall. The same happens for other reasons the improper functioning of the sebaceous glands.

How to get rid of oily hair?

There are many ways of combating the oiliness of the hair. To begin with, what is to stop often to wash your hair – not more often 2 times a week.
Water for washing the hair should not be hot, but warm. When using a hair dryer need to enable it on "cool" mode.

Should abandon fatty foods, large quantity of sweet, white bread, fast food, and smoked meat, alcohol and coffee, and to eat more vegetables, fruits, eat millet and corn cereal, take vitamins that are recommended by the physician directly in each case.

In diseases of the endocrine system that cause hormonal changes, you need to undergo a suitable course of treatment and to use when washing your hair therapeutic shampoos and conditioners.

Gives good results the massage should be done two times a week before washing the head.Thus, the pores are released from the fat and begin to "breathe".
Need to massage directly to the scalp, pushing hard with your fingers for a minute.

In addition, you can use hair masks, the basis for which serves clay, which is sold in pharmacies. Convenient to use and that usually happens in every home. For example, wipe the hair before washing with a lemon wedge. Or dilute with water and mustard powder apply the paste on wet hair, leave for 5 minutes and rinse.

Well it helps if before washing RUB the head of aloe Vera juice or yogurt. Very dry hair is useful to rinse after washing with decoctions of herbs: nettle, horsetail, hops, burdock. You can also be advised to use shampoos with extracts of these herbs. Dark hair is recommended to rinse with water with Apple cider vinegar (1 teaspoon vinegar in 1 litre of water).

In the choice of shampoo should pay attention to its composition. For example, it is known that calendula has anti-inflammatory properties. Well, if the shampoo includes plants such as black currant, Chinese Schizandra, yarrow. Tannins rich oak bark, wild rose.

In the care of oily hair everything matters, even the hair. Hair should not tighten the rubber bands and braid into a tight braid. A comb worth buying with a few teeth and better Horny, as it absorbs grease, and is often washed. If you remember the "tips grandmother", you can try to wash your hair child or tar soap.